Its similar to cat ninja game, flash games are not working, We are working hard to make html5 version of game. Thanks

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Play Cat Ninja Unblocked at School 2021

Do you want to spend an entertaining and fun day? Try out this project refresh game at school or in office break. Cat Ninja Unblocked 66 is a cute and fun game that allows a user to collect maximum gold coins and gems. The addictive game is categorized under arcade game. The most successful online game can be played from any country. So, play more to learn better skills.

Do not get fooled with the simple and easy to use interface because it is not easy to defeat other ninja players.  As the game proceeds, it becomes difficult to manage high speed and overcome obstacles on the path. So, discover your skills and utilize them to kill your boredom.

Players can enjoy gameplay as many times as they want but flash player is required for a seamless play. The amazing dimension, great 3D graphics, intense colors and hilarious action will let you have unlimited fun. The most adorable game is quick and can be played on Android and windows phone or tablet.

Cat Ninja Online Game

CatNinja is a strategy game in which a virtual cat is the main character that keeps on running through various obstacles. The player has to keep the cat safe and pass mines or break through glass to score high. However, it is important to collect gems as well. A player can also rotate the gravity to avoid death but have no choice to change the path of a cat. There are a lot of dangerous spikes and things in the game, just be vigilant and disable the laser mode to proceed in the game.

CatNinja Hacked Project Refresh

Play Hacked version of the game, that is the best and easy way to complete all the levels of the game. You will have multi options to choose paths and can make your own.

The impressive game has action filled Cat ninja character that climbs walls and jumps over obstacles. It is a real fun to learn special tactics by keeping the cat safe from various obstacles. If you are a fan of arcade adventure game, CatNinja unblocked is a perfect mixture of adventurous and puzzle game. In most of the levels, it is imperative to use powerups to advance in the game. Do not forget to mention your highest played score below.

If you could not understand the game, then you have to see video below and learn how to play this game.

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