Play Cat Ninja 2 Unblocked at School

Do you like Ninja Cats? Yeah! Obviously, every person loves the cute and skilled cats. This sensible creature forces us to love them even in games just as in Cat Ninja game. She fights in an adorable way and saves the world from enemies like dinosaurs. But now, Cat Ninja is going to be excellent with her new moves and mission because the new Version Cat Ninja 2 is here.

Controls for cat ninja 2 game

This new version of Cat Ninja is a mixture of adventure & puzzle. If you want some adventures than this is going to be your right choice.

Game Cat Ninja 2 Gameplay

In this version of the game, the cat wants to go home while there are many hurdles and bad guys in her way. But she is skilled enough to bear these little hardships very easily. So, he fights with them, crosses hurdles wisely, and collect all delicious fruits; and at the end of these tough levels, she reaches home.

Don’t take her journey towards home too easy. As the game proceeds, there might be more difficulties when she needs all your skills. Be careful, disable lasers before going through them and be aware of spikes and other dangerous places.

All over the game is simple as it needs simple clicks of the mouse for playing. Just remember to collect as many fruits as possible. This cheerful Cat Ninja 2 is interesting for little kids and girls.